I'm wondering if there is a method to check in real time the weather status without logging into the game. From time to time, I'd like to know before I log into the game if the weather I need for a quest, mission, or for farming exists anywhere and/or in a specific zone.

I'm aware of http://ff11info.com/bazaar/en/weather.php but I'm not sure it is current or in real time. Why? If you look at the page, you'll notice it talks about past years and not the current one. From what I can tell it is talking about 1107, but the current game year is 1164, which is 57 game year or 2 Earth years ago / old. Thus my concern the first part (weather by area) is for 1107 and not the current year.

Thus does any know if http://ff11info.com/bazaar/en/weather.php is current and in real time and/or is there another site with this information. Finally, if this website is current and in real time, anyone know how they're doing it? (I was thinking you could have a character logged in talking to the various weather checkers, but it obviously has support and maintenance issues over the long term.)

I. B. Halliwell on Ragnarok (formerly of Caitsith)

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